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Your New Hope for Absolute Mile delivery!

Looking back on many years of experience, we have decided that our value comes from our values: fairness, dedication, drive and pursuit of excellence. We cannot be all things to all companies, but we can be committed to our customers.

“Don’t count the things you do, do the things that count” – Zig Ziggler

Rebel Logistics commits to our motto: Back 2 Basics. While the logistics world has focused on data, we focus on effort. Logistics has taken the art of freight and made it a commodity. We return it to an art. At the end of each day, we are proud of our efforts to meet the needs of our customers.

Viva La Rebellion!

cross dock

A straight forward solution that speeds product to market, reduces shipment touches and claims. This
service can be combined with our white glove solution where superior customer service leads the way.


When the need to locate product closer to your customer is important. This product can be structured to create better inventory control, better communication with your customers, and allow you to decide on the most cost-effective logistics method driven by you.

final mile

Having the ability to work with your customer’s needs. Balancing cost vs. level of service can be the
difference between on-time and damage free. Final mile is more about the customer experience and supported by a provider who focuses on Back 2 Basics.


Retailers need to be able to pick and choose what services are important to them. A customer can select technology, focus on service, select the level of service that suits their needs and be confident their product is secure.

pool distribution

Effective induction of product, sorted and scanned to allow for a secure chain of custody. Scheduling store appointments, crafting a level of service to support the store needs, allows for seasonal swings in volume, and growing a market supported with a professional partner.

global logistics

Your supply chain is reliant on the ability to move your product cost effectively, communicate status, manage the movement through multiple modes and deliver on time. There are many factors to consider; cost, speed, security and a partner to support and navigate the hurdles before, during and after each event.

We offer a variety of services not listed on our website, contact us below for a custom quote!

our expertise


We recognize the commitment to our customers. Each of us wish for only positive solutions, fairness in our relationships and high standards for ourselves. At the end of the day we are proud of our efforts and seek to successfully meet the needs of our customers.


Technology and information are an important part of today’s environment. However, it cannot be the only thing that differentiates us. Back to 2 Basics is our commitment to our customers.


Customers choose us for our values; fairness, dedication, drive, commitment and the pursuit of excellence. Our customers and partners are part of this equation. When we all work together, we can accomplish anything.

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